There is a kind of sauce that is known by everyone in Danang, it is Chili sauce. It is also called “Da Nang speciality” because of its unique features that few places can produce.

    Co Le chili sauce – Danang Speciality 

    Fresh with rich chili sauce flavor

    Use as a sauce for many dishes


      Production CO LE CHILI SAUCE 
      Production information
      Price 0.66$
      Net weight  180 gram
      Ingredient Fresh chili, tomato, spices…
      Store in Keep cool
      Expiry date 60 days from manufacturing date


      Talking about Danang chili sauce specialty, have you ever heard of the name “Chilli sauce”? With the glorious victories in the past 15 years, the brand “Co Le chili sauce” has occupied the heart of many diners and the beloved Danang people.

      So, “What is special about the chili sauce that it was given such praise, let’s continue the story that’s going on.

      Co Le Chili sauce brand

      Most of the customers when holding a Co Le chili sauce jar will ask: “This chili sauce has beautiful color. Whether it has pigment or not?” And then when the artisans Da Thanh told about the produce process,  they are very surprising when they heard that the Co Le chili sauce does not have pigment. Most of the chili products sold on the market are in very dark red color, the reason is that they use chili cooked with salt to produce, so that the color of the chili become dark but not fresh, sometimes they use pigment. r Co Le chili sauce is different, we always make a difference, we care about the quality of products and the health of consumers, so the ingredients we use are the freshest. Chilies are fresh chili peppers, green peppers, chili sterm is strong and pterygium., has bright red color and stretchy sell. Tomatoes are from Da Lat which are pterygium and has bright red color. Because the input of the product is fresh ingredients, after the manufacturing process we will have quality chili sauce. Chili sauce has a spicy taste of fresh peppers, lightly sour of tomato and the sweetness of refined sugar, the aroma of garlic. Chili sauce is often used in combination with “tre”, beef-pie, rice paper, grilled squid, sticky rice, noodles, rice noodles… and various other dishes to increase the spicy taste of dishes. The product is an attractive and economical gift for visitors coming to Danang.

      Chili sauce used with sticky rice is perfect

      Whether you are table companions or local people, try to visit 71 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai once to enjoy the specialties of Da Thanh, It certainly will not disappoint you.