The Specility that you only can find the delicious flavor and quality in Danang that make even the most hard to please customer feel satisfied because of the unique of Danang Beef-Pie that you cannot find anywhere else.

Co Le Beef-Pie – Danang Speciality

Delicious with rich Beef-Pie flavor

Dariety of foods made from Beef-Pie


Product name  Co le Beef-Pie Traditional Flavor
 Product information
Price 12.28$/Kg (2 boxes)
Package 500 gr/boxes
Ingredient Beef, spices…
Storing Keep in cool temprature in fridge (4°C)
Expiry date 30 days from manufacturing date

Product name CO LE Beef-Pie Special Flavor
Product information
Price 11$/Kg (2 boxes)
Package 500 gr/boxes
Ingredient Beef, pork, spices…
Storing Keep in cool temprature in fridge (4°C)
Expiry date  30 days from manufacturing date


It is sure that when you come to Danang, you must not miss the chance to try Danang speciality.

Beef-Pie is a food that will be mentioned when you search on Google or ask your friend in Danang. Only in Danang that you can find a speciality with such good taste and good quality. It can make pleasure even the hard to please customers because of the unique feature of Danang Beef-Pie that you cannot find anywhere else. The Authentics have never been disatisfied the customers.

Co Le Beef-Pie – DA NANG Specility

Co Le Beef-Pie is a famous and old-established brand in Danang favorited not only by local people but also by many table companions from various areas. Let’s discover the reason why Co Le Beef-Pie is taken off like that.

Co Le Beef-Pie has 2 main flavors: “ Traditional flavor Beef-Pie” and “ Special Flavor Beef-Pie”.

1. Co Le Beef-Pie in “Traditional flavour”

Co Le Beef-Pie in “Traditional flavour”

Selecting raw materials is a very important step in order to make the best taste beef-pie piece. Beef must be the fresh beef brought back right the time it got out of abattoir. The meat must be still in warm and smooth condition during processing. In order to make the pie crispy and not dry, the choice of fat is indispensable.  The fat used to spread on the pie must be pig’s omental fat because it will enrich the beef flavor and increase the humidity as well as make it crispy. Other spicies is also carefully selected. The Pie spreading environment is very important, it must be in a cold room to make sure that the beef is not rotten during processing period, then, beef will be poured into banana leaf mold and steamed all over the surface of the mold by industrial steamer with stable temperature. The beef-pie is not boiled with charcoal to ensure that it is not smoked, cooked well and preserve the taste of pie as well as protect the environment from air pollution

In traditional produce method. The fresh meat is covered by nylon and then wrapped by banana leaf. Finally, it will be tied by nylon rope and boiled in 1 hour. This method makes the nylon contact directly with the meat under high temprature in long time. This will affect the  Food Hygiene and Safety

To solve this problem, we have carry out a research on a new manufacture procedure in new method: Fresh pie is put into inox mold lined by banana leaf and then it will be steamed. When the banana leaf meet directly the pie, it will create traditional fragrance for beef-pie without affect consumers’health. After well-steamed, the pie will be put into the mold and cut into 250gr slide. The pie fragrance will be preserve using steam-vacuum method. Last but not least, the pie come into the process of pasteurization and canned to be distributed everywhere.

It cannot deny that with the new technology, Co Le Beef-Pie has many differences in comparison with same type product in market.

The beef-pie wrapped by banana leaf just can maintain its quality in normal temprature in 1 day, and from 5-7 days if it is kept in cool section of fridge. Wheareas, Co Le Beef-Pie can keep it taste until 3 days in normal temprature and 1 month in fridge; Therefore, Co Le Beef-Pie can be delivered to all over the country, it is also used as a gift for oversea people.

Co Le Beef-Pie with rich traditional flavour”

This new manufacturing procedure makes it easier to deliver both by airline and road , keep the flavor and ensure Food Hygiene and Safety. Talking about Co Le Beef-Pie, when you open the package, the first impression is that the pie fragrance with the garlicky and pepper flavour  is kept totally by aluminium slide. If you bite a traditional piece, you will feel interesting because of the crispy beef. Swallowing carefully, the pepper will be broken and the pie will be more rich flavor. Danang Beef-Pie can be used in hot and cold, it will taste better if you eat with kimchi, leek and Co Le Chili Sauce. Co Le Beef-Pipe can be cooked into beef noodle, slice in cube to make fried rice or you just use it with some hot rice, some fish sauce to feel warmly in the rainy climate.

2. Co Le Beef-Pie in “Special Flavor”

Co Le Beef-Pie in “Special Flavor”

When table companions are very accustom to Co Le Beef-Pie in traditional flavor, the Co Le Beef-Pie special flavor appears as a new thing. Pie is invented in a unique method. It is not spicy, it does not have same flavour  to traditonal flavor pie, so we call it as “ special flavor”. The self-experience of each other will make you feel this “ special flavor”. the fragrance is light but very charming. You can see the difference when you use directly without eating it with anything else.

Customers can also use it with by bread, noodle, rice….. This is a free- spicy product…  so that it is favorited by everyone, especially children and old people

The Slice of Co Le Beef-Pie in “special flavour”