About Us


Beef- Pie, Tre Co Le is a trademark of Quyen Ho Private Company.  This is a prestigious brand specializing in producing and distributing Da Nang specialities such as tre,  traditional beef-pie, special flavor beef-pie, chili sauce … Having established since 2002, it has appeared for 15 years in the market.

Danang Speciality

The brand began from the story of 2 brothers Ho who sit together to wrap “tre” to give it to partners and relatives each new year. Recognizing the positive feedbacks from everyone, they had to do more and more every year, the two brothers thought: “We made TRE that meet everyone’s taste in clean, and safe way. Why don’t we do a business? So the idea of brand “TRE CO LE” began from that day. The brand name is the name of the sister. This name is quite strange, but it makes the diners impressed – a brand of a professional Da Nang speciality but still very dear, full of flavor of Da Thanh land. With the continuous efforts to improve the products, the two brothers always carry out research in the processing methods, the production equipment and the best way to launch the product into the market in original taste, professional design, eye catching to suit as gifts. TRE CO LE is proud to be the first brand to find out the manufacturing process that has been vacuum-packed and canned technology like now. Keep going on that success, we continue to research and develop new products with the top criteria of DELICIOUS – QUALITY – SAFETY –hygienic.

With hundreds of tests, meeting difficulties with formulas, procedures and packaging, sometimes we almost likely to give it up, but with patience and passion for work, “CO LE BEEF-PIPE” was invented with the commitment of no borax and no banned substances in food. The appearance of this new product received a lot of customers favor, even the hard to please customers. Following that success, CO LE BEEF-PIPE SPECIAL FLAVOR was born as a result of a formula study that is different from traditional recipe. This product is not have the spicy of pepper and has paté taste,  so that it is love and trusted by various ages of customers. With 15- year experience in the food processing industry, and in the context that our society is full of “dirty” food today, we committ to create a lot of “clean” products for consumers.